I’m not much of an astronomer or one to watch for signs in the heavens. But this past fall when the Bethlehem Star came back after not being seen for about 800 years, I was on high alert.

Just as the wise men knew something incredible was happening and followed that star, I was alerted to the fact that God is doing something powerful, history is changing. As I prayed and asked God what that meant last fall, He said, “I’m offering the world a Divine Reset.” I believe that has been happening all through the covid related trials, and with the social/political upheaval we’ve found ourselves in since early 2020.

I was opening my Weather Channel app on the morning of April 26, 2021 to see what the weather would be like that week. A photo of a supermoon called The Pink Moon popped up. It wasn’t actually pink but it was huge and had a large halo around it. I felt I should read about it, so I did. Then some of my friends and I went out to see it that night on April 26, in different parts of our community. It was HUGE and so very bright!

It’s called the Pink Moon because it is a harbinger of spring, when the flowers are pink, among other colors. People have thought of this supermoon as a herald of springtime, rebirth, new beginnings, renaissance. As I prayed about it I felt this was so. That week and ever since, people and circumstances have been bursting with new life – as if a switch was flipped and the long winter was finally over.

I wonder what this season of spring is bringing to your life? What new opportunities are appearing? What relationships are blooming, what activities are you resuming, what creative ideas are springing up inside you?

For some of you, there are graduations leading to new seasons of education, career, marriage, whatever comes next! (I have 2 preschool grandkids graduating to kindergarten next year – big stuff!)

I sincerely hope you are seizing the day!

If you’d like some help discovering and making the most of your opportunities, I have a couple of special offers that I made in last week’s blog. One of them is half price at the moment! Both of them are timely for what’s going on right now. You can check them out again here:

Believing for a renaissance for all of you!

With love and prayers,


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