Good morning! It’s Palm Sunday today, March 28, 2021. This will be the final episode in the series I’ve been offering on the subject of suffering gracefully. It seems appropriate since this weekend we remember Savior Jesus as he makes his way on La Via Dolorosa into Jerusalem, then to the cross, the place of ultimate suffering.

A dear friend of mine and associate in ministry, Ingrid Maddock, leads a ministry to women called Sisters of the Crown. She has compiled all of my blogs on suffering, excerpts from my book The Divine Invitation, podcasts I’ve done with her, and other authors, including Ingrid and others from Sisters of the Crown, into an e-book and in her magazine, She’s Crowned. You will also find links to podcasts in these publications and a link to their blogs.

I’m offering these resources today to you completely free. I hope they will be an encouragement to you on your own via dolorosa (road of suffering).

Here is the ebook simply titled Suffering:

Here is the April edition of the magazine She’s Crowned offered by Ingrid and Sisters of the Crown on the topic of being Surrendered to the Suffering:

I thought this would be a fitting finale for the series. I hope it has been a blessing to you in some way.

As always, I am praying for you and with you, trusting that you are drawing closer and closer to our Savior in your own sufferings. Let me know if there are specific ways you need prayer and I will share with my team so we can pray for you specifically.

Have a blessed Easter season!



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