“The glory of God is man Fully Alive.” – St. Irenaeus

“The glory of God is man
Fully Alive.”

– St. Irenaeus

“The glory of God is man Fully Alive.” – St. Irenaeus

“The glory of God is man
Fully Alive.”

– St. Irenaeus


The Divine Invitation

Are you ready to enter the dance of becoming fully alive?

Have you wondered, if we have the God of heaven and earth living inside us, why we aren’t experiencing more in life? Why aren’t we seeing more transformation in ourselves, or others for that matter? What does it look like to have “Jesus in me” anyway, as an individual and also as a woman? These are the questions author Terri Sullivant was asking herself when God answered her in a profound, life-changing way.

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The DISC Personality Profile

The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major groups: DISC. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality types.

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What Living Life Fully Alive
Means to Me

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The Divine Invitation Press Kit

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Resources for Abiding in Christ

I’d like to recommend a couple of  proven tools that can help you deepen your relationship with Jesus. They have been developed by Life Model Works, a ministry my husband helps to lead and that I am also involved with.

The tools are:

Immanuel Journaling and Interactive Gratitude

Immanuel Journaling: This is a template to use for journaling that really helps you to connect with Jesus and deepen your relationship with Him. Do this regularly, weekly, even daily if you can! I’m including the template for it that you can download here

Interactive Gratitude: This is a practice you can do anytime, anywhere, daily, moment by moment. It is meant to become a habit, a way of life. I’m including the template for that here.

( The website for Life Model Works is: https://lifemodelworks.org )

  • Taste and See Coaching Session

    “Taste and See” – Coaching Session

    Don't you love a good half-price sale? It allows you to buy something valuable to see if you like it. I normally only offer my coaching in a package of several sessions. But for a limited time I am offering a "taste and see" coaching session as an affordable "sample" of coaching - one 45-60 minute coaching session, so you can get first-hand experience! Here are the kinds of things you can expect to get a taste of:
    • Some much needed perspective.
    • A caring confidante to process things with so you can move forward in living life fully alive!
    • A new awareness of how to have a better relationship with a family member, friend or co-worker
    • Insights about a career change you're considering
    • Guidance for an area of your relationship with God you want to grow in
    • Help with something/someone you are struggling with and can't seem to get through on your own.
    • Next steps in an area you'd like to grow in.
      Just add this to your cart and purchase it today. You'll get an email from me shortly after with a link to a form to fill out. Let me know a couple of dates and times you're available and I will contact you to set up our session. I'm looking forward to meeting with you! 
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