I’ve been sharing some stories with you lately of how other people are choosing to up their game.

Personally I am always looking for ways to up my game! What does that mean to me? It means that I want to increase the quality of my relationships – first with God, then with the significant people in my life. That’s my END GAME.

What does it mean to YOU to up your game?

With your END GAME in mind, earnestly pursuing what will best serve to realize that purpose = upping your game!

Investing in your own personal development so you can get to your END GAME is also really valuable. As a coach I’m always investing in my own personal coach so I can be at my best as a coach. But I always keep my END GAME in the forefront of my mind, always remember why I’m doing it. I want to honor and serve God and honor and serve people, to increase the quality of all my relationships. I remind of myself of that often. It is my compelling reason for living, my WHY.

What’s your END GAME? What is your compelling reason, your WHY, for everything you do in life?

Rather than aimlessly wandering through life without a clear purpose, really get to know your reason for being here on planet earth! This is how to really up your game.

This quote above is from a Jewish man who endured the worst circumstances imaginable in a concentration camp. He observed that the people in that camp who had a compelling WHY were the ones who were able to endure to the very end. Others lost the will to live and simply died, he said, from lack of meaning and purpose. Wow. That speaks doesn’t it?

Wherever you are on this road of discovering your WHY, your END GAME, consider upping your game. If you’d like a companion on the discovery trail, click here to check out the options for coaching with me.

Your partner in progress, 


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