Hello friends! I want to talk about the word of the year – PIVOT – today…

Have you heard the word “PIVOT” more than ever in your lifetime this year?

I have. It’s a great word to describe what we’ve all had to do in a multitude of ways this year! 

Here are some definitions of that word:

  1. A dramatic change in policy, position or strategy
  2. A short rod or shaft on which a related part rotates or swings
  3. The act of turning on a pivot
  4. A person or thing on which something depends; the central or crucial factor

Businesses, churches, schools, families, normal social habits, traveling, shopping, and more have all been effected and had to pivot this year due to Covid-19. 

Our ability to pivot quickly and not lose our balance has never been more important. Unprecedented times require unprecedented changes!

Years ago the Lord dropped this phrase into my mind, “Change is inevitable, progress is optional.” Since then, when the need for change arises, I shift into “how can I make progress?” mode, usually shortly after the initial shock! 

The truth about change is that we are changed most by who we love, by who we are in relationship with, than by facts or concepts. 

That being the case, I first turn to my #1 relationship – with God. I take time to thank Him that He is with me at this moment, that He knows what’s happening and that He’s “got this”. Then I ask Him what his thoughts are about this situation. I wait until He answers me. And when He does, I am filled with peace with a capital “P” because I am suddenly unmistakably aware of his Presence in the present moment. 

This practice is called Interactive Gratitude. I know I can count on Him to answer when I express my gratitude to him because it’s written about in the Bible. 

Psalm 95:2 ESV – Let us come into His presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!” Another verse is found in 1 Corinthians 2:16(b) NLT – “…But we understand these things, for we have the mind of Christ.”

Second, I turn to those I love and trust to talk and pray with about what’s requiring the change. I want to make changes that lead to progress in concert with others who also have the mind of Christ and who have wisdom I might not have. I might have some for them, too! 

I’ve been thinking about the holidays this year and wanted to offer you a Holiday Resilience Masterclass to help you be spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared to pivot during the holidays. I’ll be sharing the Interactive Gratitude tool I mentioned here and a few other proven tools of my own and from Life Model Works https://lifemodelworks.org , a ministry my husband helps to lead. 

Here’s all the info on it if you’d like to come. It’s Nov. 30 & Dec. 7 at 7:00 pm Central on Zoom.

Click here:  https://fullyalive5.com/free-holiday-reslience-masterclass-2020/

If you’d like someone to walk with you this year or next as you navigate changes in your life, I have several coaching options you can check out here: https://fullyalive5.com/coaching/ . I’m in this with you and I’m committed to be a “pivotal person” who helps others make progress in the midst of inevitable changes! 

Hope to see you soon!



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