As lovely as spring flowers so vibrant and bold,
The love of a mother for her child, so beautiful to behold.
On this day of remembrance of that love so sweet
May you honor those who’ve made life complete.
A natural mother or another, who’ve loved so true
Are worthy to be praised, given honor that’s due.

This week as Mother’s Day approaches I am so very grateful for my Mom and for the other women I have known whose love has made my life complete.

We all, like a garden, grow strong and tall and beautiful if we have the right amount of love, care and nutrients needed to mature.

I think this is what it really means to be fully alive – it has to do with becoming fully mature. That’s what we are made for.

Without the relationships of those who have gone before us, those more mature than us, we don’t have what we need to develop into mature women.

Where are you with this? Where are the other women in your life? Do you have a relationship with those who are ahead of you help you grow and thrive?

Another part of the maturity process is having those less mature than you in your life, relating to them and imparting your grace and wisdom.

Like sowing seeds in fertile ground, you will reap what you sow. If you sow love, joy, patience, etc. it will be produced in the lives of others you relate to. In addition, those virtues will be strengthened in you.

This Mother’s Day I pray for you beautiful ladies, may these things be true of you and increasing in your life!

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Many blessings to you and yours this Mothers’ Day –

Terri Sullivant

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