Dear friends,

My husband Michael and I had the privilege of raising 5 wonderful children, now all grown, married and all but the youngest of them raising their own children. We feel so proud and blessed by them and our 12 grandchildren.

There is a particular prayer we prayed from the time they were little. I think God inspired it and we watched Him answer it time and time again. We still pray it over them and our grandchildren.

So here it is: Lord, we pray that you will teach our children million dollar lessons from ten dollar mistakes.

If you think about that for a moment, recognize that mistakes are a given! Never expect to raise a perfect child anymore than expecting yourself to be perfect.

Mistakes are the fertile ground for learning, growing and becoming wise.

There are mistakes that have huge consequences ($1,000,000 ones), and mistakes that have small consequences ($10 ones).

What we were asking God for is to guard our children from making huge, costly mistakes, and to let them make the kind of mistakes with small consequences, but the potential to learn huge lessons!

I shared this because someone encouraged me to do it this week. She has seen this prayer being answered in the lives of her own children and felt I should let you all in on it.

I encourage you to begin today. If your spouse will pray with you it’s even more powerful.

If you will intentionally pray this prayer daily and record the answers you receive, you will be amazed!

Let me know how it plays out in your story!



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