The month of March is more than halfway over!

As the winds blow in I always think about what they are bringing – what message is God breathing to you as you seek Him and ask for His leading?

When March 4thcomes I always think about preparing to march forth! But I only want to do so in step with my Maker!

There are lots of voices out there encouraging us to march to the beat of our own drum. I happen to believe that that happens when we are in step with God. It’s what we are built for. He knows us best and can direct our steps best when we keep time with Him.

Well known author H.D. Thoreau said this:

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
Perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer;
Let him step to the music he hears however measured or far away.”

Each of us must take responsibility for being authentically ourselves.

None of us really does that well apart from staying vitally present to God. He has the original blueprints for your life.

Think about the life of Noah. He was unique among his peers and found favor with God because he was righteous, he walked with God. He did so in a time when everyone around him was not behaving well.

Then God asked him to build an ark. A what? Why? Because there was going to be a flood. That was unprecedented because it had never actually rained on earth at that time!

Talk about marching to the beat of your own drum! That’s crazy stuff. But because he was in-sync with his Maker, Noah went ahead and kept in step.

In so doing he was a huge and important part of history. He made a difference for the rest of us.

You can have that impact too! It takes courage and it takes making it a priority to interact with God daily, making it a habit so you know what He’s got in mind for you.

Just a few of my musings today – hopefully they will spark something in you!

All my best –


Partnering with you to discover, dream and do the life you were born to live!

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