Yesterday I was thinking about Ben Franklin for some reason, probably because I had just seen a bolt of lightening in the midst of the rain. What on earth was he thinking when he decided to tie a key on a string from a kite? He was thinking about how much power there was in a lightening bolt and what might happen if it could somehow be harnessed and used to benefit people. Sure enough, he did that experiment and successfully conducted electricity from the kite to the string to the key into a glass jar. There it was – the key to unlocking the power and potential of electricity, right there in a small glass jar. The rest is history!

The word “catalytic” comes to mind. A catalyst speeds up a reaction without being consumed by that reaction. Ben’s kite, string and key were not consumed in the process, nor was Ben himself, thank goodness! When I think of life coaching, I think about being a catalyst for positive change in a person’s life. I think of how many times another person or circumstance has been used in my life to ignite something in me that led to positive change. Might it be possible to become a conductor for a “bolt of lightening” in a person’s life – an “aha” moment – a time of self awareness and realization of dreams? If you are anything like me, you might need someone to help you see how the obstacles in your life can become opportunities. I think of our lives as a cycle of “deaths and resurrections”, constantly moving from one season to the next, leaving some things behind and gaining some new ones. To have a deliberate strategy to maximize those times of “reinventing” might be like harnessing the enormous potential within your being, like that lightening bolt, to empower you to be your best and give your best to others. Others have inspired me to believe that my life can be a bright light to others. I think yours can be too if you dare to look forward to see what might become a reality and are willing to make a plan to go for it. Having someone walk beside you helps you stay accountable and motivated. That’s what life coaching is about and what I’m hoping to do as I embark on this new adventure. Who knows where it might lead? Look at the ripple effect of Ben Franklin’s willingness to try something new!

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