This week has been such a gift! My husband and I spent a few days together in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. So much beauty in this place!

This first thing I wanted to do when we got here was sit by the rushing river and just listen – even though it is not quiet it evokes stillness in my soul. God made this! I can totally rest in His strong capable arms. He made the majestic cathedral of these mountains. He created these waters that tumble and froth over the rocks, running down the mountain. He can refresh and renew me as I rest in His arms, pouring His living water into my soul.

Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! Psalm 46:10 ESV

I am so aware of God in these moments and places. He truly is exalted in all the earth!

We went on several wildlife viewing trips, especially to see the moose in this area. Such magnificent creatures! To get there, we embarked in our SUV into the wilderness. What we noticed was how utterly QUIET it was! So silent, so peaceful, so soothing to the soul and to our senses. We felt invited to commune with Him in the quietness and stillness.

In that place of stillness, we are able to hear what He is saying to us, to see what He wants to show us, to feel with Him, think with Him, KNOW him the way He longs to be known.

We live in a busy, noisy world with lots of distractions. How can we come to this place of stillness where we KNOW God the way He wants to be known?

God is always with us. He is the living water we thirst for. Here are some ways to enter that place of KNOWING:

1.) Pull away to a quiet place in your home or outdoors.

2.) Practice quieting – take several deep breaths for about 2 minutes, close your eyes.

3.) Think about God’s creation. Picture scenes from nature like these I’ve described. Feel the wonder they evoke. Remember who made these. Trust in His immense love for you and power to hold you in His arms at all times.

4.) Express appreciation to Him, really engaging in gratefulness to Him in detail. Feel it. Tell Him how you feel about Him – who He is and what He’s done for you.

5.) Listen for God’s response to your appreciation. Remember, Scripture tells us that we have the mind of Christ. (1 Corinthians 2:16) He can pour His thoughts into your mind and heart so you know what He thinks and feels.

6.) Enter into a dialogue with Him, journal it if you can. (click here for an Immanuel Journaling tool you can use.)

If you make this kind of practice a habit, you will be one who knows God, who carries that constant awareness of how awesome He is and how very present He is with you all the time.

We just have to take the time to be still and know.



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