“The glory of God is man Fully Alive.” – St. Irenaeus

“The glory of God is man
Fully Alive.”

– St. Irenaeus

“The glory of God is man Fully Alive.” – St. Irenaeus

“The glory of God is man
Fully Alive.”

– St. Irenaeus

I’ve been thinking about the ways we can be hacked lately. The meaning of the word is “to gain unauthorized or unwanted access to (a computer network, system, etc.)”. I’m thinking of all the ways we humans can be hacked.

We can be hacked through some kind of suffering, or by a change of some kind – when a loved one says or does something hurtful to us, when we lose our job, when seasons of our lives change and we struggle to know our purpose. It can be a gradual wearing down of our resistance to lies or self-doubt. It can come through mindlessly spending too much time on social media or emails. Anything that controls us, sidetracks us, sidelines us, or shakes our confidence has hacked us.

You may have heard about the doc-drama The Social Dilemma. Some of you may have seen it. The picture in today’s post is from the movie. It’s all about what has been happening to our society, our live and our brains since search engines and social media have become more and more a part of our lives.

I’m concerned. How about you?

I don’t believe it’s wrong to be on social media or use online resources. But I do believe that we need to become aware of how we and our loved ones may already be hacked. Also we need to practice self control in the way we use these resources so they aren’t controlling us!

My husband and I watched it and I decided to host a watch party for The Social Dilemma. It’s happening at from 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm Central Monday evening October 19th (tomorrow). If you decide to come, please put it in your calendar and click this Zoom link to join. https://zoom.us/j/95910832269 . We will take about 30 minutes afterward to discuss a bit.

On the call that evening I will be giving you a couple of freebies – a Hackability Assessment and an opportunity to join a book club!

Here’s the official trailer to give you an idea of what it’s about:

I’m going to be adding a new coaching offering called “Becoming Unhackable” soon. It will feature the book Unhackable which comes out on October 24.

If you’re unable to make it, but would still like the free resources let me know. You can email me at terrisully@fullyalive5.com.

Praying for your lives to be full of freedom, for you to become Unhackable!

Blessings –


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  1. Hi Terri,
    I am interested in this tomorrow night. So, it’s only on Zoom? I was also wondering how you felt if it was in person since I’ve been traveling to NM.

    I’m praying for your upcoming surgery this week!


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