This photo was taken Friday evening in Punta Gorda, Florida. Michael and I haven’t had a vacation yet this year so we are taking it now. It felt so good to get off the plane here Friday wearing my snow boots and winter coat, then slip into flip flops and short sleeves!

I may or may not get around to writing another blog before the end of the year😀. For the next 2 weeks there will be no agenda but to enjoy resting and recreating here, then on to Ohio to see my Mom for Christmas.

I hope you’ll find times of rest in the midst of this busy time. I was at a business luncheon this week and one lady I was talking with said, “I’m scheduling all the things I want to do during my vacation!” She wanted to be intentional about resting and recreating, not falling into getting busy and kicking herself later for missing out on what she really wanted to do. I like that. That’s what it takes!

I wanted to be sure you take advantage of some offers I have for you in case you haven’t had time to look at them.

First, I’m offering a bundle of my book, The Divine Invitation, a matching journal, and my companion course The Divine Invitation, 10 Steps to Enter the Dance of Becoming Fully Alive. This is a perfect gift for someone for Christmas, and also a perfect way to start the year right. I’ve done these kinds of book/video/journal combos with groups of my friends in homes and churches for years – so life-giving! When I wrote the book I dreamed of it being used for just these kinds of groups, as well as on your own. (If you purchase this before Christmas, I will not be home in time to send the book & journal. I will mail those to you on Dec. 27. I will email you a gift certificate to give at Christmas and a code to get the course.) Click below to check out this offer:

Next, I’m offering my individual and group coaching at this years prices through the end of January. Like everything, prices go up in the next year! So be sure to check this out, too. It’s also a fantastic way to start the year and if you want to give someone a really personal gift, this is a great way to do it. If you want to do that for Christmas, I’ll make a special personalized gift certificate for it. Click below to check out this offer:

That’s all for now – signing off to go out to dinner on the harbor!



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